Internet Marketing

We employ talented professionals whose expert knowledge and experience will be deployed on your campaigns. Whether you need a highly technical onsite analysis of your website from an SEO perspective or a unique paid advertising strategy, we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising gives your business the opportunity to appear immediately within search results. This gives you complete control of keywords, the ad and budget. You are also able to track your ad's success and conversions. PPC is one of the most effective means of reaching your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a marketing strategy to make your website appear in a search engine's natural results. Depending on your market and its competitive nature, this is a medium to long term strategy. Achieving sustainable high rankings can provide an unparalleled return for your company.

Content Marketing

Having unique, useful and shareable content provides the opportunity to promote to others that will link to you. Whether it is a blog, a page, national press release, or a video links to your content will not only drive visitors but also promote your site in search engines. Contact us to learn more about content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pintrest and others are an excellent method to reach your customers. Not only does it allow you to personally connect to your customers, but is allows you to protect and keep your brand image consistent. Our service is designed to keep you in total control of your brand image and messaging.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent strategy to individually reach your customers. You can send out broad messages about company updates. You can also individually target your clients and create custom messages to remind your customer of an item left in their cart or of a special on an item they continually look at on your website.

Analytics Consulting

Anaylitcs is important to understand how your site and how your entire Internet marketing strategy is performing. Insights from page interactions and how your customers get to your sites pages can help you make data based decisions with confidence. Let us help you learn more about your customers and business for your website.

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Internet Marketing includes a range of components. You need a firm that will work with you on your website design, SEO, SEM, and all other forms of online marketing. Contact Site Ascension today to learn how we can help you achieve more visibility and higher results

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Site Ascension’s Service

Not every client is the same and not every client needs the same service. This is, we do not offer packages for our services.  Instead, we provide a range of internet marketing services to suit these varying needs. Whether it’s consultancy, or an ongoing integrated search engine marketing campaign comprising search engine optimization, pay per click or social media, we are able to provide a bespoke service that suits your needs.

Site Ascension’s search engine marketing services and web design services always keep 3 goals in mind.  One is to uphold your Brand’s image and message. Two is to provide ease of access to customers, rather it is in how they find you on the web or to get the information they are seeking quickly.  Lastly, we want to provide you with a strong return on your investment.

We know that just providing excellent results is not enough; search marketing can provide valuable insights into many parts of your business, so we promote clear dialogue and in-depth discussion, to ensure your whole business benefits from any online marketing campaigns.

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