Analytics Consultancy

Site Ascension's analytics consultancy service helps you measure your performance across your marketing platforms. We help you understand the data so that you can make informed decisions.

How Analytics Can Help You Learn About Your Marketing

Site Ascension is a data driven internet marketing consultancy firmWe use both qualitative and quantitative data to improve both current and prospective customers.
Don’t be in the dark.  Understand how your website is working for you.  Too many companies are blind to their website’s performance.  Many see the numbers but are unaware of what the numbers mean, or focus on numbers that just don’t matter.  Let Site Ascension help you cut through the clutter and analyze your statistics and help you reach the information that matters.  Let us help you reach higher results.

Our Analytics Consultancy Services

Anayltics Consult

Our first goal is to implement an analytics program. Next we verify the implementation and account properties to ensure data is structured for future analysis. We then set creation of goals, e-commerce tracking and reporting tools.

Interaction Measurement

Analytics helps your site measure its interactions along with marketing measures. This helps you determine your ultimate business objectives and how you can to measure them. Objectives for some sites are obvious, while others are not so clear cut.

Visitor Behavior

So you know a visitor has been to your site. But, what does that mean? The beauty of analytics is that you can see the actions of your visitors. Using our analytical knowledge, we will be able to plot a visitors journey. This helps find issues and help ensure that expectations are met.

Trend Analysis

Using historical information, we are able to quickly identify patterns in your user’s behavior. From this, we can suggest actions to capitalize on and predicted future outcomes.

Attribution Models

Correct conversion attribution is a problem every organization has in today’s multi-channel world. We will work with you to understand the typical journey profiles to your website. This shows you the different outcomes of attribution models.


Through our clear and regular reporting, website owners will be equipped with the information needed to make the right decisions moving forward.

Site Ascension’s Analytics Program

There’s nothing worse than pushy salespeople, which is why we don’t employany. We don’t do any advertising. Instead, we rely on our past work and word of mouth. We can put you in touch with our existing clients, for an independent review of our services.
Our pricing is based on the number of days a month we need to secure you the best results. This will vary depending on what you’re looking to achieve and how competitive your industry is. We don’t do set packages. All our services are basedupon your specific requirements.
Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what we can do to boost your business.

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