Google algorithm Panda 4.1 update is currently being rolled out.  Over the Oct. 4th weekend many thought Google had finally released the Penguin update.  However, word from Google insiders is that the Panda update will be a long slow rollout.

So what is the Google algorithm Panda 4.1 update?  For Google search it helps identify thin site content.  The goal of Panda is to help promote those sites that share deep rich content (even the smaller sites) and knock down those sites that do not.  It’s estimated that this will effect 3% to 5% of all search queries.   It will highly effect websites that employ keyword stuffing and affiliate websites that use common content.

The long awaited Google algorithm Penguin update should be launched sometime in the next two weeks as long as testing goes well.  Penguin originally was launched to find sites that bought links and to penalize them in search results.  This update will be a large rewrite of the previous Google algorithm.  Google states that the new Penguin update will make a webmaster’s life “easier a bit” and for most people it will make it a “delight.”  So right now is the best time to review all the sites that are linking to your website and disavow any unwanted links.