Mobile friendly sites have a lead in search rankings

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Mobile friendly sites have a lead in search rankings

Last week Google issued news that non-mobile friendly sites will not be looked upon as favorably as sites that have a mobile friendly tag.  The reason behind this is that Google is trying to provide a better place to perform searches on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile devices now account for over 30% of all search traffic. By promoting mobile enabled sites google is trying to provide a better web search environment.  To see if your site is mobile friendly, just use your Google Webmaster tools.

Jason Ruth

Jason began designing websites in 1998. He attended TCU (Texas Christian University), majoring in E-commerce, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. While at TCU, he began his first hosting company and developed over 100 websites. After TCU, he opened iFrog, a computer service and custom programming company. In 2011 he furthered his education by getting an MBA at University ofHouston. While there he focused on internet marketing. While studying he was part of a team that won 1st place in a National Google Adwords Competition. Site Ascension is a culmination of a dream to provide customer service and data analytics for clients. Site Ascension provides More Visibility, Higher Results. In Jason's free time he studies wine and spirits. He has earned WSET 3, WSET Sake, CSS, CSW, Bourbon and Sherry Certifications.

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