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Wordpress Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg


For some time, there were news circulating the internet about something new brewing in the WordPress world. WordPress is a CMS that is often used in web development. A new addition to the WordPress called Gutenberg is here to take the market by storm. Gutenberg is the new editor in WordPress and bears massive impact. Some are welcoming it with open arms while others are not very sure about it and are being critical. On the other hand, there is a large group of WordPress users who have no clue about what Gutenberg is. Let’s get into the details and introduce WordPress’s latest update, Gutenberg.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg marks as a new editor in the WordPress. Named after Johannes Gutenberg, famous person who invented a printing press more than 500 years back. This visual editor requires usage of short codes and HTML to make things work properly. The main motive behind Gutenberg is to make the process easier especially for first-timers. They are looking to add more advanced layout options.

Gutenberg is in its beta and testing phase and is about to launch on production sites. Due to this update still in the testing phase, the developers are encouraging endless number of people to install this update. Furthermore, they want your valuable feedback on the customer forum. Gutenberg will be shipping with WordPress 5.0 version.

How to install Gutenberg

The Gutenberg plugin currently possess about 20,000 active installs. Additionally, it has more than 290,000 total downloads. Also, latest version can be found from the WordPress repository. Furthermore, simply search for it within your CMS dashboard under the tab “Add new plugins” to download it.

Discovering Gutenberg

After you have successfully installed Gutenberg, links will appear under your posts that will allow you to open the editor. This doesn’t replace the default WordPress editor. The latest update supports custom page types and pages as well. A menu appears in the WordPress dashboard once you download the update. This allows for more writing space even in smaller screens. For people writing on laptop, Gutenberg will prove to be an entirely different experience.

Pros of Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Presented below are a few pros that are commonly associated with Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

  • Allows for less reliance on the famous TinyMCE. A tighter integration between core, theme developers, plugins and the editor.
  • Easy for new users
  • Allows for a less distracting experience by providing more screen space.
  • Works flawlessly on mobile.
  • It possesses proficient ability for theme and plugin developers to develop their own customized blocks.

Cons of Gutenberg WordPress Editor

This update is still in the testing phase. Many cons will be fixed or removed by the time it’s officially launched. Some common issues are:

  • Doesn’t support Markdown
  • Recently, this has added supporting meta boxes. However, it is the initial most stage and requires developers to hop on board and work for further progression.
  • Doesn’t support responsive columns. Although, columns are at the heart of people installing visual builder plugins and should be in this update.

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